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CEOs need to know where their data is

I know what it’s like to have the company on your shoulders, to ultimately be responsible for each decision and action taken in the business. That’s your job as a CEO or Company Director. You are already juggling requests from employees and keeping an eye on sales and marketing budgets, invoices and administration. On top of all this, do you really need the headache of managing compliance with Data Sovereignty laws?

You need to know where the data is

 Where in the world is your company data? Like many businesses, you might be taking advantage of the low cost and easy scalability of cloud storage. In addition to IT infrastructure cost shifting benefits and low cost storage, using cloud based storage boosts the productivity of your staff, enabling them to work from anywhere and on any device.

However, when your staff upload company files to the cloud – hopefully to a company controlled cloud and not to their own personal cloud storage accounts, such as a personal Dropbox or Google Drive account – company management should be asking: Where in the world is our data?

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