With CloudFileSync staff can access their files anywhere, on any device

Give your staff the tools to get the job done

Your staff are on the front line when it comes to protecting your business’ data. But, how well prepared and resourced are they to act as your cybersecurity guards?

Cybersecurity threats come in many shapes and your business can be exposed through various ‘threat vectors’. Often your staff are among your most vulnerable breach points. These risks are exacerbated when they don’t have the tools they need to do their jobs.

Not all tools clouds are created equal

Using cloud based file sharing tools is not necessarily risky, but it is important to remember that not all clouds are created equal.

Let’s take a look at encryption, which is an important tool to protect your data. Most cloud file sync and share services will cite encryption as one of their key features.

But, the word ‘encryption’ can mean different things depending on the file sync and share service you use. Some services tout ‘strong cipher encryption’, others are ‘encrypted using SSL’ and still other solutions ‘encrypt data on storage’. What does all this mean? Which one is more secure than the other? It’s not always clear.

Other features like design; ease of use; mobile apps; the ability to open, edit and view different file formats; the ability to quickly search; convenient file access and sharing will all impact on staff uptake and use of company sanctioned file sync and share tools.

Give your staff the tools to get the job done

When your staff use their personal mobile devices and cloud file sync and share services to access, edit or share files with co-workers, external suppliers or clients your data is at risk.

Your staff are using personal tools because company sanctioned tools like email just aren’t up to the job.

If your staff need to send and receive large files, email isn’t going to work. Or, if it does work, it’s painfully slow. So, from the point of view of your staff, it’s faster and easier to send that large file to the offsite graphic designer using their personal Dropbox account. If that large file happens to be a confidential financial report, can you really risk losing oversight of who that file is shared with or where it is stored?

That’s why we built CloudFileSync: it’s the secure File Sync and Share tool your staff need to do their jobs. From anywhere.

CloudFileSync is the tool your staff need

CloudFileSync is the tool your staff need

Clearing the way for your team to work together

CloudFileSync gives your team the power to get work done – from anywhere, on any device. Easy to manage folder permissions mean your staff only have access to the files they need to get their work done.

Staff can seamlessly sync, collaborate on, share and edit any files in real time on any computer, smartphone or tablet. CloudFileSync works across Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. File access, sharing and collaboration also works in any web browser.

With CloudFileSync up and running at your workplace, your staff no longer need to use their personal File Sync and Share account to get work done from anywhere.

Your team is now equipped to work together on any device. Your files are now safe and secure.

That’s it from me – I need to review and edit some copy for a client presentation. Luckily, I have CloudFileSync on my Android phone!

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