Data leaks are one of the biggest threats facing businesses. Figures from IBM show that in 2015 the average cost to a business from a data leak was $US 3.8 million. Could your business survive this cost? What about the cost to your reputation?

Encryption and data security

All the flexibility and productivity benefits of the cloud with the protection of bank grade-security.

  • Protect your files like a bank with 256-bit AES encryption. This means sensitive data is always protected, even when it is not in use.
  • With CloudFileSync you own the keys to your data. Only you can set and manage your own encryption keys.
  • If your files are lost or stolen, they will be theoretically impossible to read without the encryption keys.
  • All data synced to workstations and mobile devices is stored in locally encrypted vaults on each device and each device has its own unique encryption key.
  • Even if a workplace computer, laptop, tablet or other device is lost or stolen, your data is safe.
  • When your files are shared via CloudFileSync, they are sent via a hardened SSL/TLS secure tunnel to protect data in transit against all known attacks, including POODLE, Heartbleed, Logjam and SSL downgrade attacks.
  • All CloudFileSync servers automatically generate their own set of Diffie-Hellman primes for key exchange upon their first start up, protecting against Logjam attacks.

Permission Management & Access Control

Manage user and group permissions and access to data on cloud drives and at the folder level.

  • The Management Console enables Administrators to easily manage user permissions via LDAP and Active Directory, giving users access only to the folders and files they need to do their work.
  • Easily set access permissions on a folder by folder basis, giving users or groups of users access to only the folders they need and not an entire drive .
  • Using the console, IT Administrators can efficiently manage permissions based on group management rather than per individual user.

Visibility, auditing and reporting

Full control and visibility over who has access to files and who shares files.

  • IT Administrators also have visibility over who files were shared with and which devices were used to access files.
  • CloudFileSync provides a detailed user login history, enabling administrators to see when users log in, their location and which device was used to log in.
  • Clear visibility enables IT Administrators to detect patterns of unusual behaviour and prevent potential data breaches before they happen.
  • Via the Management Console IT Administrators have full visibility of storage space include use/ free space, and full visibility over file shares.

Remote wipe

Regain control of your data when employees leave or devices are lost or stolen with device-specific remote wipe.

  • IT Administrators can easily erase files from desktop clients and cached mobile app data with ‘one click’ remote wipe.
  • Wipe every device a user has used and instantly lock their account to prevent future access or sharing.
  • Choose to wipe data from all or just one of a user's devices.
  • Data is removed with no impact to personal files and data.

How to get CloudFileSync
for your business

CloudFileSync is available onlys through approved IT Resellers. Ask your existing IT service provider if they are a CloudFileSync reseller or contact us to find a reseller located near you.

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About CloudFileSync

CloudFileSync was founded to help businesses improve their productivity by making it easier for staff to securely access and share files and to collaborate on documents using any device.

Based in Melbourne, Australia our team builds innovative security and File Sync and Share technologies that empower businesses to choose, and to have full visibility over, where their data is stored, who has access to this data and who can share this data.