One solution for all industries

CloudFileSync is perfect for industries that work with sensitive data including healthcare, legal, finance, engineering, infrastructure, mining and more. Our Cloud File Sync solution provides complete visibility of data access and sharing and complete control to protect data security and comply with legal and industry regulations. CloudFileSync provides a secure way for your staff to be productive from anywhere through file sharing and collaboration on any device.

Deployment options to suit your industry needs

CloudFileSync offers a range of unique deployment models to meet the specific requirements of your industry.

  • The CloudFileSync File Sync and Share solution can be deployed on your own on-premise server; on top of hosted cloud storage; on top of public/ private cloud storage purchased through the Storage Marketplace.
  • Due industry regulations there may be the need to store data on your premise, rather than in the cloud. CloudFileSync allows you to do this, and access the features that come with storing your data in the cloud, like access on mobile devices, easy sharing of files from any device, etc.
  • When your organisation needs to comply with Data Sovereignty laws, you can choose where your cloud storage is physically located/ hosted to ensure sensitive data remains in the relevant jurisdiction.
  • CloudFileSync offers a range of deployment options that suit the existing IT infrastructure of your business. If you already have your own on-premise file storage, deploy CloudFileSync on top. Alternatively, deploy CloudFileSync on top of hosted cloud storage provided by your Managed Service Provider, by a CloudFileSync Storage Marketplace provider or on top of public cloud storage.
  • CloudFileSync is a File Sync and Share solution built to work with the flexibility of the modern workplace. With CloudFileSync you can empower your staff to safely and securely access and share workplace files from any location – even from home.

Centralized administration

Simple to deploy, even easier to control from a single, centralized administrative interface interface.

  • Setting up CloudFileSync requires the running of a single file. Our software is ‘turnkey’, with deployment being largely automatic. You can be up and running in minutes.
  • Using the CloudFileSync Control Panel, IT Administrators have a clear overview of storage availability, as well as file access and sharing by users.
  • IT Administrators have full visibility of storage usage and can instantly add additional storage via the CloudFileSync Management Console.
  • IT Administrators can manage users and groups to easily set file access and sharing permissions via the CloudFileSync Management Console.
  • IT Administrators can set specific read, write, access and sharing permissions for different cloud drives and their folders.
  • IT Administrators can create custom file versioning and retention policies on a drive-by-drive basis.
  • CloudFileSync supports Active Directory synchronization. Individual users and/ or groups can be granted or denied access to files based on their group membership in Active Directory.

Protect your intellectual property

File sharing oversight and auditing, permissions management.

  • ‘Productivity’ is a key driver for your staff when they choose to store and share files using public cloud tools including Dropbox and Google Drive. CloudFileSync provides the same functionality with vastly enhanced security to protect your data and intellectual property.
  • CloudFileSync provides clear visibility of file access and sharing, including who accessed the file, which device was used to access and share the file and who the file was shared with.
  • All file access and sharing is logged, allowing IT Administrators to spot patterns of unusual behaviour and stop potential breaches before they happen.
  • Via the Management Console IT Administrators can easily manage user permissions via LDAP and Active Directory giving users access only to the folders and files they need to do their work.

Perfect for BYOD

Lessen the strain on IT staff and reduce operating costs by allowing the use of BYOD (bring your own device) on your network without impacting security.

  • Enable staff and contractors to securely access and share files from their own preferred mobile (phone or tablet) device via the CloudFileSync Android and iOS apps or the browser on their device.
  • Access files securely from any laptop or mobile device, from anywhere, without the need for a VPN.
  • Even if a user has the CloudFileSync app installed on their phone or tablet, no data or files are accessible with correct user login credentials.
  • Add an additional layer of security and reassurance with an optional two-factor authentication for mobile devices.
  • If a staff member leaves an organisation, IT Administrators can remotely wipe data stored on their device. Access to their CloudFileSync account is automatically locked.

Adhere to industry compliance requirements

CloudFileSync gives you control over where your data resides, helping you to ensure privacy and data protection and comply with industry regulations and standards.

  • CloudFileSync’s unique deployment options give you all the productivity benefits of the cloud while you know exactly where your data is stored, helping you to comply with data sovereignty laws and other legal and regulatory requirements.
  • The CloudFileSync Storage Marketplace enables you know the physical location of hosted cloud storage available for purchase.
  • Knowing where your cloud storage is physically located helps your organisation to comply with privacy and other regulations to meet HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA, FINRA, FERPA and ISO 27001 requirements.

About CloudFileSync

CloudFileSync was founded to help businesses improve their productivity by making it easier for staff to securely access and share files and to collaborate on documents using any device.

Based in Melbourne, Australia our team builds innovative security and File Sync and Share technologies that empower businesses to choose, and to have full visibility over, where their data is stored, who has access to this data and who can share this data.