Cloud-enable your File Server

Keep files exactly where they are, but with added sync and share functionality that enables access to your organization's files from anywhere, on any device and without the need for a VPN or FTP.

So what is file server enablement, anyway?

File server enablement turns your organization's traditional file server into on-premise, private cloud storage, giving employees mobile access to any business-critical files from anywhere, at any time and using any device.

Cloud-enable any folder (or UNC path) on a file server and map it a CloudFileSync Cloud Drive, just as you would with a traditional network share.

What's more, cloud enabling file shares means that there is no need to move your data in order to benefit from the inherent VPN-less mobile access and file sync and share capabilities. Data stays in place and folder structures remain unchanged, making it easier for employees to find what they need, fast.

And because data remains behind your company firewall, you'll feel secure in having complete visibility and control over where your data is and who has access to it.

Key benefits from cloud-enabling file shares

  • Remove need for cumbersome technologies, such as VPN and FTP, along with any associated overhead and support issues
  • Secure, universal access to the file server, locally or remotely, using mobile devices, laptops, desktops or any other device
  • Maintain the existing file structure on a server while allowing remote access to its contents, no need to move files
  • Keep all employees in sync, empowering collaboration both between distributed offices and with business partners
  • Centrally manage user access and monitor file usage for complete control and visibility

How it works

Before file server enablement

  • Users located outside the main office and wanting to access files are forced to use the outdated technologies such as VPNs to log into the company network.
  • As a result, users accumulate modfied company documents on their own devices in order to avoid to the cumbersome process of remote login.

After file server enablement

  • Remote employees, and even contractors and third-parties, are able to access their files from any mobile device. Network log-ins are history.
  • File server enablement provides bi-directional syncing between the file server and remote users whether located offsite or in distributed offices.

How to get CloudFileSync
for your business

CloudFileSync is available onlys through approved IT Resellers. Ask your existing IT service provider if they are a CloudFileSync reseller or contact us to find a reseller located near you.

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About CloudFileSync

CloudFileSync was founded to help businesses improve their productivity by making it easier for staff to securely access and share files and to collaborate on documents using any device.

Based in Melbourne, Australia our team builds innovative security and File Sync and Share technologies that empower businesses to choose, and to have full visibility over, where their data is stored, who has access to this data and who can share this data.