CloudFileSync Feature Summary

On premise, company-controlled file sharing solution.
Access, store, share and sync files from anywhere, over the cloud.

The popularity of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement demonstrates that cloud collaboration is now essential for businesses. Employees simply want to collaborate with people in and outside of the office, on any device, while companies need to retain visibility and control of their data without risking breaches of complaince and privacy standards.

File Sync & Share

Collaborate securely

CloudFileSync lets you quickly and easily collaborate with anyone from anywhere, on any device without the need for a VPN.

  • Easily collaborate with external contractors, suppliers and other third parties using guest accounts or secure file sharing links.
  • Secure file sharing with support for password protection, expiry dates and limits on the number of times a file can be downloaded.
  • Always have access to your files via any web browser, on any device.
  • All file sharing links and requests are centrally logged, allowing for easy administration and auditing.

Sync files on any device

CloudFileSync keeps your files synchronized across desktops, mobile devices, fileservers and cloud storage in real time.

  • Changes are automatically synced across all devices.
  • Easily sync files and collaborate with co-workers using any Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android devices.
  • Smart conflict resolution avoids data loss.
  • Sync with control - select which drives to sync, pause and detach.

Send secure shared links

Easily and securely share protected files with anyone, from any device by email invitation or a direct link.

  • Add passwords and expiration dates to increase security to ensure only the intended recipients can view the file for specified period of time.
  • Set limits on the number of times a file can be downloaded.
  • Track when and where links were accessed from and by who.
  • Track usage, revoke access or update link settings at any times.

Send and receive large files

Email limits and complicated FTP setups are a thing of the past.

  • Enable third parties to securely upload files too large or sensitive for email to the folder of your choice, without giving them access to existing folder content.
  • Quickly and easily share large files up to 10GB in size via email or secure download links.
  • Assign a password and/or set expiry conditions to links for additional security.
  • Track link usage, update settings or revoke access at any time.

File Management

File Locking

Let others know your content is being worked on and prevent duplicate editing by "locking" files while making changes.

  • 'Lock' a specific file to prevent others from removing or editing it. Locked files can still be viewed by other users, but cannot be modified or deleted until unlocked.
  • Locked files are identified by a padlock icon that appears beside the file name, along with the lock owner and a date and time stamp when the file was locked.
  • A locked file can only be unlocked by the user who originally locked the file or by an IT Administrator.

Version Control & Retention

CloudFileSync can be configured to automatically create copies of files as users make changes, enabling a complete audit trail of file changes.

  • Quickly browse and recover deleted files via the online file explorer.
  • View, download or restore previous versions of files.
  • Create custom file version and retention policies on a drive-by-drive basis.

Mapped drive file access

Access files on desktop and laptop computers via CloudFileSync mapped drives for Windows and Mac OS X.

  • All synced files are stored in encrypted CloudFileSync vaults, protected by 256 bit AES encryption, and are only accessible to logged in CloudFileSync users.
  • Right-click integration with Windows explorer and Mac Finder.
  • Drag-and-drop simplicity and a familiar user interface ensures successful end-user adoption.

Mobile portability

The CloudFileSync Android and iOS apps enable users to view and modify files on the go and have their changes automatically synced across all devices on the network.

  • Secure password access with the option to use pin codes for quicker login.
  • BYOD compatible - use your own mobile device without the risk of losing personal files.
  • Simple and uncluttered interface making it quick and easy to access files remotely.
  • No need to worry about space restrictions - files are downloaded on demand and stored securely in a separate location.

Web browser access to files on any device

Web-based file explorer can be used to access files securely from any desktop or mobile device.

  • Touch-friendly, responsive design will automatically resize to fit your device, regardless of screen size.
  • Supports multiple file upload via drag-and-drop or browse functions.
  • Access file version history and restore previous file versions.
  • Share links to third parties for file download or upload access.
  • Cross-browser support for compatibility with major browsers.

IT & Admin Controls

Centralized Administration

The CloudFileSync Console provides an integrated overview of all user information, storage use and recent activities.

  • Gain full system visibility in a single, integrated dashboard and easily manage storage, users, groups, permissions, and devices.
  • Review, audit and block file links shared with third parties.
  • Create Guest Accounts for short term staff, contractors or volunteers
  • Monitor file usage and logging trails to ensure activities align with company regulations.

Authentication Policy Management

Configurable enhanced user authentication policies provide your organization with an additional layer of security and control over user login and password management.

  • Enforce an extra One Time Password (OTP) credential for the user authentication process.
  • Define trusted IP addresses and ranges to require users to use OTP and two-factor authentication when logging in from outside trusted networks.
  • Security-driven password policies to control password length and strength, and force account lockout after failed logins.
  • Allow or disallow auto-login for desktop client software and mobile apps, with the option for an additional pincode authentication for mobile devices.
  • Enable offline access for specific users to allow them to login and access files remotely, without the need for a network connection.

Permission-based Access Control

Restrict user and group access to data with drive and folder-based permissions.

  • Manage authorization privileges for internal and external teams and projects.
  • Control read and write permissions for different cloud drives and folders on a per-drive basis.
  • Revoke user access to content on all devices instantly.
  • Permissions remain consistent across desktop, mobile apps and web-based file explorer.

File Filtering & Blocking

Take control over file synchronization and bandwidth use by setting a maximum file size and preventing specific file types from being synchronized or uploaded to the server.

  • Set a maximum allowable file size to prevent oversized files from being uploaded and synchronized.
  • Specify file extensions to be excluded from synchronization, allowing them to be uploaded and stored on the server via the web console, but not synchronized.
  • Stop malicious files from being uploaded to the server by blocking potentially hazardous file types.
  • Settings can be configured globally, or on a per-drive basis to meet specific needs.

Sync files in place

Sync company data from its currrent location using ServerSync to map folder on network shares to

  • Maintain the existing file structure on a server while allowing remote access to its contents, no need to move files.
  • Removes the dependence on traditional (outdated) ways of accessing the file server remotely, including FTP and VPN

Active Directory & LDAP Support

Administrators can easily import individual users or groups of users from their Active Directory or any OpenLDAP server.

  • Enable Active Directory users to login to CloudFileSync with their existing Active Directory login credentials.
  • Eliminate the need for staff to learn a new user name and password to access their files via CloudFileSync.

Usage Monitoring & Reporting

CloudFileSync gives you complete visibility of all activities with detailed logging reports

  • Dashboard view of storage server and drive usage.
  • User login activity detailing, IP addresses and software version.
  • Shared link audit reports for all upload and download file and folder links
  • User license summary and type breakdown - avoid paying for licenses you don't need.
  • File activity logging to ensure activities align with company regulations

Data Security

End-to-end bank-grade security

CloudFileSync uses the same 256-bit encryption and security standards as banks. Data remains highly secure both in transit and at rest.

  • Data at rest is automatically encoded in SHA & AES 256-bit encryption vaults.
  • Data is transmitted over a secure encrypted connection, to prevent interception by unauthorized third parties.
  • ICSA-approved network firewalls equipped to manage secure data transmissions and address criminal cyber vulnerabilities.

Encrypted local drive

CloudFileSync creates a secure, 256-bit encrypted area on your local hard drive that contains all files and folders.

  • Vaults and their content remain inaccessible unless the CloudFileSync desktop application is running.
  • Data is transmitted over a secure encrypted connection, to prevent interception by unauthorized third parties.
  • ICSA-approved network firewalls equipped to manage secure data transmissions and address criminal cyber vulnerabilities.

Bring your own encryption keys

CloudFileSync gives you the ability to provide your own encryption key when creating Cloud Drives, making the possibility of a data breach or leak much less likely.

  • No one but you can access your encypted data, not a service provider, not even us!
  • Keys are stored separately to data in a secure, tamper-proof key vault, so that even in the event of a cyber attack, data at rest cannot be decrypted.
  • Automatic retrieval of keys from the key vault after strict verification checks enables Cloud Drives and their data to be easily migrated to new servers.

Remote wipe

CloudFileSync enables users and administrators to remotely remove company data from any device running the CloudFileSync software or mobile apps, without removing users' personal file and data.

  • Erase data from each of a user's registered devices simultaneously.
  • Data is wiped from devices as soon as the user attempts to login and access files.
  • User account remains locked after data removal to prevent them from regaining access to data.
  • Support bring your own device (BYOD) to access data through company networks, without compromising security.

Zero-knowledge Privacy

Your data is completely secure and cannot be accessed, even with physical access to the storage servers.

  • Data is only visible as encrypted containers and remains completely unreadable.
  • Gain the benefits of the cloud file share without relinquishing control of data.
  • Sensitive company data kept completely private in the event of mismanagement, cyber attacks and physical access to storage servers.

Deployment Models

On-Premise Deployment

Install CloudFileSync onto existing onsite storage to create your own private cloud, secured behind your firewall.

The CloudFileSync on-premise private cloud gives you:

  • Full oversight and control of the hardware your private cloud resides on, unlike public cloud file sync solutions.
  • The best possible bandwidth and latency to your storage solution for your primary users.
  • Total control of the physical and operational security of your storage, instead of trusting these responsibilities to third party providers.
  • Federated multi-site options where files can be on different servers in different countries where putting them make sense. These files can then be accessed anywhere in the network while still being compliant with data sovereignty legislation.

Storage Marketplace

The CloudFileSync storage marketplace connects you a range of storage providers around the world. These storage providers are made available with the goal of:

  • Providing you with the on-demand cloud storage you need at the price that works for you.
  • Offering a range of storage providers that meet your specific needs, such as data sovereignty and other compliance specialties.
  • Scale easily and affordably with secure storage – all the benefits of ‘The Cloud’ without any of the risks.

Hosted Cloud Managed Service

Your service provider can provision and maintain a CloudFileSync server in their datacentre, and provide you with a solution hosted on their equipment.

A hosted CloudFileSync solution gives you the following benefits:

  • No requirement to buy, deploy and maintain your own storage server for CloudFileSync.
  • Storage you can lease on a cost per gigabyte per month basis, allowing you to start small and grow with demand.
  • A solution secured and maintained by your trusted advisor who understands your business, instead of a large public provider.
  • Ability to scale easily and affordably with secure storage – all the benefits of ‘The Cloud’ without any of the risks.

Hybrid Cloud Model

With the CloudFileSync hybrid cloud solution, you can mix and match the best parts on-premise, hosted and storage marketplace storage to tailor your solution to perfectly meet your needs.

The CloudFileSync hybrid cloud:

  • Combines the benefits of many different storage options in the same product.
  • Use on-premise storage for your most critical data that demands the very best of protection.
  • Access hosted storage for important files that don’t justify the provisioning of their own server. Provision new drives for new business demand with a few clicks throughout your network.
  • Scale instantly onto Storage Marketplace storage for data sovereignty needs without interruption to service for users.

How to get CloudFileSync
for your business

CloudFileSync is available onlys through approved IT Resellers. Ask your existing IT service provider if they are a CloudFileSync reseller or contact us to find a reseller located near you.

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About CloudFileSync

CloudFileSync was founded to help businesses improve their productivity by making it easier for staff to securely access and share files and to collaborate on documents using any device.

Based in Melbourne, Australia our team builds innovative security and File Sync and Share technologies that empower businesses to choose, and to have full visibility over, where their data is stored, who has access to this data and who can share this data.